Native Poetry

Native American Wedding Blessing

Now you will feel no rain for each of you will be shelter to the other. Now you will feel no cold for each of you will be warmth to the other. Now there is no loneliness for you now there is no more loneliness!

Now you are two persons but there is one life before you. Go now to your dwelling place to enter into the days of your togetherness and may your days be good and long upon the earth mother.

Now for you there is no rain for one is shelter to the other. Now for you there is no darkness for one is counsel to the other.

Now for you there is no pain for one is comfort to the other. Now for you there is no night for one is light to the other.

Now for you there is no cold for one is warmth to the other. Now for you the snow has ended always, your fears, your wants your needs at rest.

It is that way today, tomorrow, forever. Now it is good and there is always shelter. Now there is always warmth and there is always comfort. Now there is no loneliness now or forever.

You are as one. There are two bodies, but there is one heart in both of them and you are..the same person.

This blessing is still used in ceremonies today.


My beautiful yellow eyes,side by side we've huntedShadows dancing on northern skies. There have been times of plentyWe were content and serene, peacefully sleeping. Dangers few and far between.

We've also known much hunger. Ribs protruding from each side, Mournfully we howled when our starving cubs had died. Then there was our first winter romping thru the glistening snow. Tasting each crystal snowflake Falling gently to and fro.

Ah my dear, sweet yellow eyes, I've known no greater love. Without you, I am nothing, our wild souls are one.

Now you lay there dying, steel jaws upon your frame. Life's blood slowly seeping, I whimper your sweet name. Helpless, I watch you struggle, chest heaving with labored breath. Steel jaws clenching tighter, winds whisper the song of death.

The blood has now stopped flowing, I know the time is near. You will forever leave me, my love, my life, my dear.

Now my world is silent, your struggles now have ceased. I lay my head upon you and know you are at peace. Perhaps your soul has lifted to skies where eagles soar and there you'll greet your brothers to run with them forever more. Someday I shall find you in the heaven's so far above and when our wild soul's unite, there will be no greater love.

by of Joan L. Van Vels


Man does not measure the stars. It is a gift he cannot count. So it is with my love for you.

How can I tell you of my love? Strong as the eagle, soft as the dove, patient as the pine tree that stands in the sun and whispers to the wind...'You are the one!'

Indian Love Poem, author unknown


Each of us, at least once in our lives,hears the inner call. Some call it the true woman within, which seeks to be heard, to return her tamed daughters to their natural, intuitive state, to break the chains that hold her so that she may run free.

Others call it discovering the strength within each woman. It is bringing into consciousness a depth of spirit and intuition only hinted at before. When the call is answered, we embark on an exciting path to transform the soul into an elegant spirit.

Each woman's path to individuation is different, yet each strives for the same destination; the place where we are at peace with who we are and comfortable with our place in the world. Once we set foot upon the path of spirital growth, there is no turning back.

He takes our hand and We are led ever onward, and the information we each need to grow and to heal physically, mentally, emotionally, and physically is laid before us, often when we least expect it.

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